About Us

The South Eastern New York Area Committee and Assembly of AA (SENY, Area 49) has been an active part of the AA General Service Conference since the Conference first met in 1951. Also, because co-founder Bill W. resided in this area, first in Brooklyn and later in Bedford Hills, and east coast AA got its start here; SENY was intimately involved in the early history and growth of the fellowship. The preservation of and access to our history is essential to the present and future health of AA. SENY archivists have collected thousands of documents and other items reflecting the area’s participation in the life of AA over the years, and our collection continues to grow. While the physical archive is being catalogued and preserved for future generations, this Digital Archive is an effort to make some of the history reflected in our collection available to interested members. Our Digital Archive is a work in progress with older documents being added as the Archive Team is able to digitize them and current materials being included as they are developed. Our online historical collection currently offers access to The Link, our area newsletter, minutes from area committee and assembly meetings, select correspondence, and a collected history of the area’s counties. The Video/Audio section offers service related documentaries, the most current, "The Presence of AA at Ground Zero". The audio section has a collection of service related talks.